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"Kinks Shirt" by Matt Nathanson

What I really appreciate about this video is that the song makes no mention of the woman’s trans* status; they could have easily done something different with this video, and had Matt’s love interest be cis.

But no, she’s trans*, and most importantly, Character!Matt doesn’t care.  They meet, they flirt, they sleep together, they talk over breakfast and clearly have a connection.  That’s what matters, not the fact that this woman wasn’t born with a vagina.


God, I didn’t think I needed more reasons to love Matt Nathanson but apparently now I have some.

Matt Nathanson’s been my hero for a really, really long time, and this makes it 10000% times more important that everyone pay more attention to him.

i know I sound like a broken record with this… but getting comments & positive feedback for this video is just beyond. just fucking incredible. i couldn’t believe more in it and the kind of world bobcat (the director) painted. acceptance and tolerance for the win!

Thank you, Mr. Nathanson.  Really, truly, deeply.  Thank you.  This matters.

This is not my usual kind of music, but I’ve watched this multiple times, and will reblog it every time it comes across my dash.  This is important.

Buy this guy’s stuff, people.  Seriously.



This is the Memorial to the Missing and contains over 50,000,000 pennies to represent the lives of each American child abandoned to abortion by a society and a culture that has embraced their destruction. We must prevent the need to add to this memorial. Take a stand. Get involved.

 ”How we treat the least of us defines us.”

"should I use this $500k to help struggling parents and pregnant people or should I put it in a glass box"

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